Archbishop Borys visits St. John the Baptist parish in Newark, NJ


On June 20, Archbishop Borys Gudiak celebrated liturgy at the St. John the Baptist parish in observance of  the parochial feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

The pastor of the parish, Rev Taras Svirchuk, together with the children and active parishioners, welcomed the Metropolitan at the doorsteps of the church.

“The liturgy is the perfect means of communication with God. Listening to His voice and praying w become acquainted with God and ourselves. Today we pray with you, Most Reverend Archbishop,” said Fr Taras.

In his homily, Archbishop Borys focused on Saint John the Baptist whose birth was a miracle and whose life and death were a radical witness to God. “The birth of Saint John shows us God’s work in history. He does not give us an abstract theory or ideology but He enters our life. God works in our body, in our city and in our time. The challenges have been and will be great; but following the example of John, we will find a method, an approach, and a way to meet these challenges in peace and true joy,” he stressed.

After the liturgy, there was a short spiritual concert performed by the youth of the parish.


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