Hollywood Comes to Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy in Philadelphia


Hollywood Comes to Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy in Philadelphia


Philadelphia– A little bit of Hollywood came to Franklin Street and the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia from October 14-16.


For two days, the Chancery Offices, the former cathedral parochial school, had a new name with a new sign over its entrance “St. Francis Roman Catholic High School.”


The site became a location shoot for a new Netflix movie called Hustle, starring Adam Sandler. It is a basketball movie where Sandler plays an NBA scout and he discovers a player in Spain and brings him to America.


All filming was done outside Thursday night and was completed by 1:15 a.m. Friday morning.


Special interior lighting was used to light up the windows of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral for the exterior shoot.  The set dressers added shrubbery and greens in front of several buildings and decorative light fixtures.


Fourteen tractor trailer trucks, which transported equipment, served as make-up, hair, wardrobe, cafeteria and dressing rooms,  lined Franklin Street, Eighth Street and Brown Street.


Sandler recently said on a television show that the movie will feature Toronto Raptors’ star point guard, Philadelphia native Kyle Lowry, LeBron James and “loads of NBA guys.”


According to a report printed in The Philadelphia Inquirer in July, Hustle will follow an American basketball scout who was fired after discovering a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ player outside of the country, prompting him to bring the player to the United States and groom him for the NBA, in efforts to prove naysayers wrong.


The film is being produced by Adam Sandler and LeBron James. It is scheduled to shoot from October to December.


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