Ukrainian Edition of Metropolitan Constantine Bohachevsky Book Published


The Ukrainian Catholic University recently released a Ukrainian translation of Ukrainian Bishop, American Church by historian Marta Bohachevsky-Chomiak. The book was first published by the Catholic University of America Press in 2018. The Ukrainian edition, Community – Bishop – Church: Constantine Bohachevsky and the Formation of the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolia in the United States, was produced with the support of Dr. Marta Pelenska from Philadelphia and the research team of the Institute of Church History (UCU).

Marta Bohachevska-Chomiak’s book is dedicated to Constantine Bohachevsky (1884-1961), second bishop and first metropolitan of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the United States. Under his leadership the see was transformed from a temporary exarchate to a full-fledged and permanent ecclesial structure. The author based her research on the materials of the Ukrainian, Polish, U.S., and Vatican archives and analyzed the activities of Metropolitan Bohachevsky within the broader social and cultural context of the first half of the twentieth century.

Professor Bohachevska describes her mission as writing more than a biography, she also intends to show how the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the United States survived and developed.

In the forward to the Ukrainian edition she writes, “I offer this book about the life of Ukrainian emigrants, which is different from life in the ‘old country,’ to the Ukrainian reader out of gratitude for all the opportunities to learn and study modern Ukraine, which its inhabitants gave me. I hope that this book will encourage us all to continue to learn and grow in knowledge and wisdom.”


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