Archbishop Borys Gudziak writes letter to thank everyone for their assistance and support during his Enthronement

Philadelphia, July 3, 2019



Dear Bishops, Reverend Clergy, Seminarians, Religious Sisters and Brothers,

Volunteers, Guests and our Beloved Faithful of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia,


Glory be to Jesus Christ!


I write to thank you for your assistance and support during my Enthronement Ceremony on June 4th.  Your kindness and hard work enabled a blessed beginning of my ministry in Philadelphia and the United States.  Your participation in the “Heart to Heart” week was a source of great spiritual inspiration.  I profoundly appreciate your prayers and your generosity of time.  Our clergy, religious and faithful are inspired. This homecoming for me is a big step that I make with trepidation, but mostly with great hope and joy. You have helped make the first days incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and life-giving.


During the past days so many people have shared their joy and hope, so many people have expressed their inspiration and expectations. Being among you has been a blessing for me.  So much welcoming, fellowship, authenticity, generosity and love.  I hope that you too witnessed this during our week of “Heart to Heart” prayer and celebration. This experience is grounded in a sense that God is in our midst. When we are together, with good will, and willingness to sacrifice for each other, we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and His gifts.


There has been so much good will and so much sacrifice during the last days, weeks, and months. I’ve seen them and can testify about God’s greatness and your goodness. When I came to Paris there were many problems, much poverty, hardship, and conflict. I invited our faithful to leave behind mutual criticism, envy, and argument.  To go from glory to glory. In these days the glory of God has been among us.


Moving forward from Pentecost, let us proceed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, whose gentle breath soothes, whose ointment heals, whose gust energizes and who gives us peace and joy.


Thank you for your peace and your joy that become mine.



Most Reverend Borys Gudziak

Archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainians

Metropolitan of Ukrainian Catholics in the United States




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