This Parish Christmas social service project is to be done in every parish of our Archeparchy.

November 12, 2018


Dear Fathers,                                                                                                                                                                       Слава Ісусу Христу!


On Thursday, November 15, our Church will begin a 40-day St. Philip’s Fast. This is the time of our spiritual preparation to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which involves a deeper prayer, stricter fasting and generous almsgiving. Prayer renews our faith in Lord, fasting strengthens our will and self-control, and almsgiving turns our attention to our neighbor especially those who are in need, lonely and alone.


I would like to ask that your parish or parishes choose a social service project that would benefit less fortunate in your own parish and local community. For example, food or clothing drive, Christmas dinner baskets, grocery gift cards, provide presents for children especially orphans, shut-ins, homeless, less fortunate, etc. You are free to come up with other kinds of social service projects.


I suggest FOUR steps to realize a project

  1. Choose your social service project;
  2. Set-up a team that will run the project;
  3. Announce the project in the parish and neighborhood; set dates; ask for volunteers;
  4. Distribute the collected items to the people for whom it is intended OR execute the event before Christmas.


This Parish Christmas social service project is to be done in every parish of our Archeparchy. Please inform me by December 1, 2018, as to what project your parish or parishes will be doing. You may email me at, phone or letter.  If your parish is already planning something, you do not have to do another or different one. Just inform me what it will be.  We would like to share your events in The Way and other social media and will be asking for photos and a brief statement about your chosen project.


If your parish wishes to help children and needy in Ukraine, you may do so in addition to the Christmas social service event for less fortunate parishioners, neighborhood residents and children that may be suffering from financial hardship. Be open to helping out and help your parishioners to become a part of something great – to give a helping hand to brighten up someone’s Christmas.


Thank you!  May the good and loving Lord bless you always!


Very Respectfully,


+Andriy Rabiy

Apostolic Administrator

for the Archeparchy of Philadelphia




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