Update on Archeparchial Plan: Teams Start Their Work


Since the launch of our Archeparchial Plan, which occurred at the zoom gathering on October 11th, the teams created to execute said plan have been meeting to start their work. Teams are made up of anywhere from 10 to 15 people and are led by team leaders. Each team was created to focus on one specific goal.

Team 2, which is led by Mariana Karapinka, Michael Crofton, and Sofia Zacharczuk, is tasked with Goal 2: Communicate “Why-What-When” regarding the Goals of the Archeparchial Plan to strengthen understanding and solidarity. Team 2 is also known as the communication and coordination team with the aim to ensure all those on different teams as well as all in the Archeparchy and even beyond our Archeparchy are kept abreast as to the activity and progress of the Archeparchial plan. In their first meeting, Team 2 discussed current channels of communication and their effectiveness, as well as potential new communication avenues. Team 2 also determined that to be kept apprised of the work of other teams, a team 2 team member will be in attendance of all team meetings.

Team 3 is led by Archbishop Borys Gudziak, Deacon Paul Spotts, and Sister Natalya Stoczanyn. This team is working on Goal 3 – Promote pastoral conversion and secure support for ambitious Archeparchial repositioning; invite priests, religious, and lay people to serve in the Archeparchy; develop strategy to foster succession plan for those on leave of absence or retiring. Team 3 has met twice and have had very good discussions as to areas in our Archeparchy that they feel we can add to, in a pastoral sense. Such things include having a program for individuals interested in becoming deacons or working on helping individuals who are cantors or would like to become cantors by providing music and notes. Just as all the teams, Team 3 has a mix of religious and laity, which allows for very productive conversations with many points of view being included.

Team 4, also referred to as the Temporalities Team, is working on Goal 4: Develop necessary temporal resources to ensure sustainable support for the Archeparchy’s operations in the short term and long term. The team is led by Father John Seniw, Andrew Fylypovych, and Ihor Jarij. Team 4 members have had several meetings as well – one as a full team and several with the team leaders. This team is tasked with looking at our Archeparchy’s Temporalities of our properties and revenues. The team is currently gathering information to understand the current situation in our Archeparchy so that they can develop a plan to best execute on the tasks under Goal 4.

As we continue on this journey of our Archeparchial plan, we will be sharing information in different formats to keep all informed. Although all teams have started to meet, if anyone is interested in joining a team or feel they can provide expertise in a specific area, please feel free to reach out to our Archeparchy office at ukrmet@ukrcap.org.


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