The Gospel tells us of a time when Jesus returns from the mountain top to find his apostles baffled, helpless, and ineffective. The apostles had fallen into despair and could not help the father with his ill son. Jesus later explains to them that this kind of cure demanded prayer. The apostles had been equipped with power, but needed prayer to maintain it. Great Fast awakes us to rekindle our relationship with God through more fervent and steadfast prayer.

Do we take our relationship with the Lord for granted, seeking Him when we are challenged or hurting, and presuming His presence in times of stability and joy? Do we harbor doubts as to the power of the Lord’s help? When coming face to face with Jesus, the father of the ill boy exclaimed, “I do believe! Help my lack of trust!” (Mk 9:24). To approach anything in the spirit of hopelessness is to make it hopeless. To approach anything in the spirit of faith is to make it a possibility. Participating within a community of faith which is vibrant in its prayer life is the surest way to ensure living in the spirit of hope. Your parish offers the gift of growing and sharing in prayer life. We come to realize the need for one another in our journey of faith. We come to realize the power of Christ’s presence and His healing when journeying with others in shared prayer. Rekindle your relationship of prayer with Christ together with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ within your parish this Great Fast!

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