You will recall that our Chancery moved into the former Cathedral school building, allowing for leasing out our former building to earn revenue for the archeparchy. The original plan envisioned an addition to accommodate an elevator. The cost was prohibitive – well in excess of $ 400,000 or more. We proceeded to adapt the school building and to transfer the Chancery without providing for an elevator. So as to provide for those who need assistance to visit our offices, we are installing two chair lifts at a total cost of $ 25,000. One will provide for access to the main floor at the front entrance from the parking lot. The second will provide access to the top floor offices via the wide stairway on the 8th Street side of the building. This will assist in providing for persons who need assistance ascending between the floors. It is important that everyone feels welcome and able to visit our Chancery offices. We humbly ask your help in meeting this cost. Your contribution will assist in meeting the cost while at the same time, indicate your support for ensuring that physically challenged people are welcomed equally in the Chancery. God bless you for your concern, and for your anticipated understanding and generous assistance. Your donation can be sent to the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, 810 N Franklin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Thank-you!

+ Stefan Soroka, Metropolitan-Archbishop

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