Most Reverend Andrij Rabiy


Protosyncellus:  +Most Reverend Andrij Rabiy

Phone: 215 627 0143
Fax: 215-627-0377

A protosyncellus is appointed who, endowed with ordinary vicarious power according to the norm of common law, to assist the Metropolitan in governing the whole Archeparchy. An auxiliary bishop or a priest of a distinguished standing can serve as a protosynchellus.

Unless otherwise expressly determined by common law, the protosyncellus in the entire Archeparchy within the limits of the office committed to them, exercise the same executive powers of governance as the archbishop, excepting those things which the archbishop has reserved to himself.

The protosyncellus reports to the Metropolitan on the principal matters which are to be treated and which have been treated and they are never to act contrary to his will or mind.

The protosyncellus who is a presbyter, has, during the time they hold office, the privileges and insignia of the first dignity after the episcopal dignity.