FOURTH SUNDAY OF GREAT FAST 2018 Metropolitan Stefan Soroka

Jesus cures a sick boy telling his father, “Everything is possible to one who has faith” (Mk 9 23).   Jesus observed that this type of cure could only come about through prayer.  The disciples were men of faith but could not cure the boy.  Jesus seems to become impatient with them when he says, “How long will I endure you” (Mk 9:19).  Even Jesus’ closest apostles needed to be reminded of the power of prayer, and the need to nurture it.  Great Fast invites you and me to nurture the power of faith with steadfast and honest prayer with Jesus.  It involves our reflecting on our priorities in life as we stand before Jesus.  Recall the parables which speak of the Kingdom of God as a treasure found in a field, or as a pearl of great value.  Those who find it sell all that they have in order to possess it.  Are we zealous in nurturing the value of our precious faith?  Do we do and give what we can to see that the faith is valued, taught and shared?  The journey of Great Fast leads you and me to nurture our faith in steadfast prayer and with acts of charity with the hope that Jesus Christ will not ask “How long must I endure you”, but rather rejoice in the powerfully living of our faith.  Join with others in the parish to nurture your faith as a family of God.


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