Coat of Arms


 The Coat of Arms is surmounted by a bishop’s mitre in the center, flanked by the cross and crozier, all symbols of a Bishop’s pastoral office in the Ukrainian Catholic Church.The left side presents  the Mother of God with hands raised in prayer, placing the Archeparchy under her protection. The Archbishop thus invokes her maternal love and intercession for himself and his people. The right side depicts a heart, recalling the greatest commandment, “love God with your whole heart? and love one another as yourself” (Luke 10:27). The letters “IC XC, NI KA” within the heart, center Jesus Christ as the conqueror of our hearts, calling the Archbishop and his people to live Christ-centered lives. The flame within the heart recalls a particularly favorite Scriptural passage of the Archbishop, that of Luke 24:32, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He explained to us the Scriptures.” These words encourage our passionate love for the Scriptures. The background on the right side depicts the American flag – the domain of the Metropolitan. The Ukrainian embroidered towel centered by the maple leaf expresses the Archbishop’s Ukrainian Canadian ancestry. The towel recalls St. Stephen (a towel is draped in his hands on icons of St. Stephen), elected to serve by the early apostles and martyred for his faith. The motto, “One Who Serves,” expresses the Archbishop’s role as a successor of the Apostles, called and ordained to serve Christ and His people (Luke 22:27).