Metropolitan Borys Gudziak participated in the 27th General Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Universities

The Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Universities convened on the campus of Boston College from July 30th to August 3rd with more than 200 participants from all over the world. Metropolitan Borys Gudziak, president of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv, participated in the Assembly together with a delegation from UCU.
Comprising of more than 226 Catholic universities and higher education institutions throughout the world, the IFCU holds its general assembly every three years. The 2022 assembly’s theme was entitled “Legacy and Transformation in a World of Change: Catholic Higher Education and the Future.”
Metropolitan Borys offered a sermon during the mass for the participant of the Assembly on Tuesday, August 2nd. “At the end of a full day of fellowship and sharing of pain, sorrows, and great hopes we have an opportunity to say ‘eucharisto’ (thank you in Greek). In Eucharist, we bring thanks to the Lord, and we bring all our questions and challenges,” noted the Archbishop in his sermon. He thanked the representatives of the Catholic universities in different countries for their heroic witness, intellectual leadership, prophetic hope, and guidance they offer society.
During the gala dinner of the 27th General Assembly, the president of the Federation, Isabel Capeloa Gil, presented the Sciat Vt Serviat award to the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). Metropolitan Borys accepted the award on behalf of the UCU delegation and academic community. With this symbolic gesture, the Federation wanted to renew all its support and solidarity with the UCU and the Ukrainian people suffering from the unjust war led by Russia.
Receiving the award, Metropolitan Borys thanked the International Federation of Catholic Universities. “I want to thank you on behalf of those people in Ukraine that daily are enduring bomb alerts, that see cruise missiles flying over their heads and crashing neighboring buildings. I thank you on behalf of those who have given their lives”, he said mentioning that already eight members of the UCU community were killed.
“It is a war about Europe and about democracy in the world. I thank the International Federation of Catholic Universities for standing with Ukrainians who stand for freedom in the world. It is a battle of life or death. It is a war in and against Ukraine, but it is not only about Ukraine. The Russian invaders have demonstrated genocidal intent, and I want you to know that Ukrainians are not going to give up and they really appreciate your support,” added the Archbishop.
He asked the participants to pray for Ukraine, to stay informed, and to offer help and support.

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