Rev. Volodymyr Radko celebrated the Liturgy in Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia


On Sunday, May 8th, newly ordained priest of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, Rev. Volodymyr Radko, celebrated his First Mass of thanksgiving in Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. Ordained almost three months ago in Ukraine, Fr. Volodymyr is a graduate of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, which is the diocesan seminary of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Liturgy in the Byzantine-Ukrainian rite in Roman Catholic basilica was also an occasion to pray for peace in Ukraine.

“In the Roman Church, as many of you know, today, the 4th Sunday of Easter, is also called Good Shepperd Sunday. This is a day when we pray for numerous vocations to the priesthood and certainly our prayers are enhanced as we are able to be joined by a newly ordained priest, Volodymyr. We pray for him, for the seminarians who are with us, and for many more vocations to the priesthood. We have a confidence that the Good Shepard, Who loves his flock, will listen to our prayers”, noted the rector of the cathedral Rev Gerald Dennis Gill in his sermon.

In the words of Fr. Gill, the Liturgy was an occasion of thanking God for the communion between Roman Catholics and Ukrainian Catholics who can freely, beautifully, and richly express their faith. “As we celebrate joyfully, we are all mindful of Ukraine. Unlike any other war, probably because of technology, we are able to observe the war in Ukraine day-by-day and be caught up by the terrific horrors that had been inflicted upon Ukraine. We pray for peace, for the end of the terror of war in Ukraine, and we pray for peace in our hearts”, Fr. Gill emphasized.

At the end of the Liturgy, Fr. Volodymyr expressed his gratitude to the cathedral parish, Fr.   Gill, and Fr. Matthew Biedrzycki, Parochial Vicar, as well as Archbishop of Philadelphia, Nelson Pérez, and the Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, Borys Gudziak, who ordained him in Ukraine. He thanked his formers classmates from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary who accompanied the Liturgy with singing.

 “Thank you for keeping all the displaced, besieged, and suffering people of Ukraine in your prayers”, said Fr. Volodymyr. After the Liturgy, he individually blessed each person who attended the service.


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