The Archeparchy statistics 2021


The Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia presented its statistics for the official Catholic Directory 2021.

“Every year it is beneficial to see how we stand as an Archeparchy with different Sacraments we administer to the people and how the lives of the parishes are affected by that. For example, this year marriages went up, especially Catholic weddings, as usually in the past there were more interfaith wedding”, commented the chancellor of the Archeparchy Monsignor Peter Waslo.

He noted that some things are disconcerting, among them is the number of baptisms compared to deaths. Archeparchy maintained the level of population at parishes and it is just over 12,000. “If we go back to the year 1900, the official Catholic Directory indicates that at the time there were 500,000 Ukrainian Catholics in the United States. We were the fifth largest jurisdiction in the US”, said the Monsignor.

Father Waslo stated that it is sad to observe how the Archeparchy’s structures are decreasing each year. “We are still here, still offering the best we can for the salvation of people. Hopefully we will increase our vocations. This past year we have had only one ordination to the diaconate but not for priesthood yet. These are things we have to keep working at. There are people who feel the calling but the tension of the world interferes and they doubt if they should take that plunge or not. Even if numbers seem to be unfavourable the faithfulness of the people gives us hope. The thing we should keep doing is to encourage people. If we listen to the world there is no hope, it is always bad news, and at least when we come to the Church, we hear the good news and we try to live it and be optimistic. It is God who is in control, not us. We just have to participate with Him to make it happen”, stressed Monsignor Peter.

Selected statistics

Total Catholic Population 12487

Baptisms 264

First Communions 196

Marriages 60

Deaths 347


Active in the Archeparchy 40

Religious Priests 3

Active Outside Archeparchy

Retired, Sick or Absent 6

Total Priests 50

Extern 6

Transitional Deacons 2

Permanent Deacons 4


Brothers 1

Sisters 43

Seminarians 2

Parishes 63

New Parishes Created 1

Homes for the Aged 2

Total Assisted 330

Colleges and Universities 1

Total Students 661

Elementary Schools 3

Total Students 424

Total Students under Catholic Instruction 1763

Full statistics: 2021 OCD Statistics


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