“Let it be done for you according to your faith.” (Matthew 9:28-29)


“Do you believe that I can do this?”

“Yes, Lord,”

“Let it be done for you according to your faith.”

(Matthew 9:28-29)

Once again our kind, loving and merciful Lord performs a healing to those in need. Two blind men were following Jesus along the same path and they cry out: “Son of David, have mercy upon us.” (9:27) The two blind call out to Jesus with the Messianic title: “Son of David.” Although physically blind, they possess a spiritual vision and understanding of Who Jesus truly is.

We Christians acknowledge that Jesus is the One of Whom the Prophets in the Old Testament foretold. Jesus fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecies regarding the coming of the Messiah, Who was to come from the House of David. In the Book of the Holy Prophet Isaiah, we read: “Then the eyes of the blind shall see, and the ears of the deaf be opened; Then the lame shall leap like a stag, and the mute tongue sing for joy. For waters will burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the Arabah.” (35:5-6)

The Chosen People of God, the Israelites, were expecting that one day Yahweh (God) would send a Deliverer from the consequences of the sin, the fall of Adam and Eve. The promised Messiah had in fact come from the lineage of King David. The Evangelist Matthew in chapter one of his Gospel gives to us the genealogy, family tree, of Jesus in detail. The gospels were written after the Resurrection and after the various appearances of the Risen Lord and the Sending of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

Nonetheless, there were some during the public ministry of Our Lord who recognized that Jesus was of God and that He had come to save mankind from sin. The blind men had a spiritual vision and understanding that the opponents of Jesus, the Pharisees did not. The Pharisees’ attitude of envy, anger and malice could not and would not allow them to open their eyes spiritually and see Jesus for Who He truly is. The Pharisees sought to explain away the awesome happenings that were never before seen in Israel. So distorted and wrong was their statement that Jesus was able to drive out (expel) the demons since He was the prince of demons.

Just as in Jesus’ time of earthly public ministry, we too today as well as all previous and future generations have the free will to acknowledge and accept Jesus as Our Lord and Savior, the Second Divine Person of the Blessed Trinity. Great and mighty, awesome works may be done in the Name of Jesus the Christ. But faith is what is needed on our part. The healing power of Jesus is always there. But a cure, a physical or spiritual can take effect only in the person(s) have faith. We need to say, as did the two blind men: “Yes, Lord.” We believe that You can do all things since You are the Son of God.

May Our Lord open our eyes, the eyes of faith to help us discern what truly is the Holy Will of Our Heavenly Father. By discerning Truth and Goodness, which come from God, we shall be following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and keep us on the path that leads to the Heavenly Kingdom and eternal life. May we help our neighbor who may be weak and in dire need of assistance lead them not only by word but also and more importantly by our deeds, charitable works of mercy.

In this manner, we shall give glory to God and bring Christ to others. For our Lord God came not to condemn the world, but rather to save the world. Let the goodness of our deeds inspire others to go and do likewise. For we the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, are called to continue the mission of Christ, namely the salvation of souls.

Rev George Worshchak





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