“O you of little faith, why did you doubt!” (Mt. 14:31)


As Jesus went up to the mountain by himself to pray, His disciples already were on the boat preceding the Lord to the next location. As the disciples were sailing, the boat began to be tossed about by some strong winds. It was already dark. It was nighttime. Suddenly, the disciples had seen something happening at sea. They become terrified.

Jesus speaks to the disciples: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” (14:27) Peter, along with the other disciples on the boat, was not certain what they were seeing. Peter hears and recognizes Jesus’ voice and says: “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to you on the water.” (v. 28)

The Lord commands Peter to come and so he does. Peter in fact begins to walk on water and goes toward Jesus. How amazing for us to read that not only Jesus walked on water, but so did Peter at first. However, Peter notices how strong the wind was and became frightened and had begun to sink. Peter then cries out: “O Lord, save me!” (v. 30)

Immediately Jesus extends His hand across the sea and rescues Peter. The Lord caught him and prevented Peter from drowning. The Lord is ever ready to help and quickly saves Peter and is ready and able to recue each and every one of us from any and all impending dangers or disasters. The Lord shall hear our plea and provide us with divine aid. The Lord only questioned Peter as to why did he doubt.

Both Jesus and Peter get on the boat. The winds then die down. All those on the boat acknowledge Jesus as the Lord and pay Him homage, saying: “Truly, You are the Son of God.” (v. 33)

Just as the disciples of Our Lord experienced a storm at sea and the strong winds and the turbulence of waves, so can we. And when we do, we should turn to the Lord for divine help. We can become weak physically and/or spiritually. Whatever the need, the Lord God can provide. He is the Omnipotent One, the Almighty.

Whether it be an illness or misunderstanding, dispute or conflict with another, the Lord can provide us with a positive and lasting resolution. Through prayer and our hope and trust in His ability to save and rescue us from evil and all its terrible consequences, we can stand firm in the faith. Let us keep our eyes fixed upon Christ and not to be distracted by the turbulence, the trials and tribulation we may experience here on earth. We stand not alone, but with Christ. As the People of God, we acknowledge the need for discernment, to recognize and acknowledge evil for what it truly is.

Throughout our earthly life, whether at work, at school or at home difficulties may appear as we seek to do good and to have compassion on others in need. Be assured that at all times, we have at least One true and loyal friend, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us make Jesus the center of our daily lives. Let us not doubt His ability and readiness to save and rescue.

May we all never question our importance in the eyes of the Lord. Without exception, the Lord truly cares about each of us. He does not ever forget about any one of us. In the words of the holy prophet Isaiah, the Lord God tells us: “I will not forget you. Look! I have written you on the palms of My hand.” (49::15-16)

The Lord God Who knows and sees all shall one day bring us ultimate victory over evil and all the terrible consequences of sin. We confidently await the Day of the Lord, when all wrongs will be made right. Truth and justice shall prevail. And to those who remain faithful to Christ until then shall receive the reward of eternal happiness and joy with Him in Heaven

Rev. D. George Worschak.


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