Only the Holy Spirit can tell your heart to say, ‘Father.’ Only the Holy Spirit opens your heart to love.


In the modern world, where everyone is accustomed to assess and evaluate, and where everyone is in turn assessed and evaluated according to ​​nationality, job, association with social or cultural groups, etc., and everything has a price, God freely gives us a great gift–the gift of the Holy Spirit. He gives Himself and His Spirit to us because He loves us infinitely. He loves us like the Father, therefore He gives us the Spirit who adopts us and reminds us that we are His children. God adopts so that we need not be afraid or scared ever again. More than that, we have no need to prove ourselves worthy of this adoption through medals, diplomas, and awards. The Spirit allows us to truly call Him “Abba” (Father)!

It may seem paradoxical, but there is so much noise around us, yet so little Word and Truth. So many bright flashes, but so little Light. Many actions and movements intended to solve our problems, but a lack of life. Many smiles but not enough joy. So much freedom but even more walls and obstacles. We seek help in material things, people, and emotions, yet the Savior gives us the only true help–the Holy Spirit, the water from the immortal source, the eternal love of God burning like fire. He gives the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, and reveals to us the treasury of blessings. He sends us the Giver of Life whom we need to receive just as the apostles did so that we may go forth to serve creatively, to live in God, to reflect His light, to touch others with our touch of God.

The world tells us to think about ourselves first and foremost, to act in line with our egos. This is totally wrong, however, because God bestows gifts designed to bear fruit. In sharing this fruit with others, we will enrich ourselves; in giving out, we will receive immeasurably. We will be touched again and again by His boundless love.

The apostles of Christ, having received the Holy Spirit, opened themselves to His action and began to do unbelievable things. They prophesied, healed, and even resurrected the dead. The disciples were able to speak languages foreign to them so that they were understood by everyone who listened. Today many around us need a special language, the language of love, the language of the Truth that loves, complements, heals, and resurrects.

Pope Francis tell us, “Only the Holy Spirit can tell your heart to say, ‘Father.’ Only the Holy Spirit opens your heart to love.” Therefore, we ask you, Holy Spirit, to come heal and cleanse every impurity and to save our souls, O Good One!

Rev Ostap Mykytchyn



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