The myrrh-bearing women: gratitude and loyalty


Success – this is one of the pillars of our age. You need to be successful, otherwise, you would be a burden. Countless coaching courses try to help people get on the path of success and to rid themselves of the “loser mentality”. Losers are loners because nobody wants to be seen or associated with a loser. At the same time, everyone wants to be as close as possible to a winner, hoping to get a piece of that success.

Three women in an early morning hour sneak up to the tomb of a loser. First, this man was on the highway of success: praised by the crowds, feared by religious leaders and politicians. He was supposed to be the new king who would set his people free from oppression and injustice. Thousands have set in him great hopes and expectations.  But it appears that he didn’t have a winner mentality. He could not keep the crowds. Even more, he was betrayed and left alone by almost all of his disciples. He lost everything in just five days – what a loser!

Strangely, those three women wanted to visit his grave. He has lost and there was no future for him and his teaching. Why even bother? But there was something stronger than fear of being associated with the lost cause. They were grateful and loyal because that teacher from a small town called Nazareth changed their lives. It does not matter that He has lost, because they have already won. The light of God’s faithfulness, forgiveness, and mercy has set them free. They were redeemed – only that counts. Even though those women were sad, they were no longer afraid–unlike those other disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.

Gratitude and loyalty – these words are infrequently used in modern times. Grateful and loyal people are not rushing and running after experiences of being successful. They are looking for the others who are lost, wounded, forgotten.  At the same time, those people are witnessing the greatest miracles in this world and have a foretaste of the world to come.

Three grateful and loyal myrrh-bearing women are the first witnesses of Resurrection. Their faithfulness to the Lord leads them to the greatest experience a human being could attain – the experience of love and redemption.

Fr Ihor Kolisnyk, CSsR


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