Members of the Synod of Bishops of UGCC prayed to the Holy Spirit and made a vow




(Photo: Bishop Andiy Rabiy carries Gospel)

Sunday, 02 September 2018


On Sunday, September 2, in Briukhovychi members of the Synod of Bishops of UGCC were praying to the Holy Spirit before starting working sessions, as Moleben to the Holy Spirit reveals a spiritual sense of this meeting.



“Every start is always the most important in any competition, since the final result depends on how you begin it (I mean with what enthusiasm and energy). We start from the heights – the Liturgy we prayed in St. George Cathedral. We are calling for God’s blessing and inviting our faithful to pray for their hierarchs, for their shepherds. Since bishops came here as parents who brought their concerns, expectations and worries, as well as hopes and joy of their children”, – explained in his comment bishop Bohdan Dziurakh, Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of UGCC.


As for him, every Synod is unique and it cannot be compared to any session. Time passes, we became wiser, got better experience, nevertheless we have challenges, pain and suffering, also new tasks which God calls us for. That is why we have to search for new solutions what will correspond to God’s will regarding our Church and people.


“Certainly, we ask for a gift of the Holy Spirit, because things we want to solve are not our plans. We aspire not just to fancy something for our Church, but to reveal God’s will to us and our faithful. And God’s will shows itself in the Holy Spirit, in a humble spirit of God’s Word. That is a reason why we started our working session with a solemn invocation of a gift of the Holy Spirit – gift of wisdom, what we will need”, explained bishop Bohdan.


Following Moleben bishops made a vow. Bishop Bohdan defined that a vow identifies our responsibility for the whole process of work. Mainly in the vow, which bishops make, is mentioned that we have to avoid any careless statements which might be harmful to our Church.


“Every bishop is a teacher and spiritual doctor simultaneously. That is why our first priority is to bring healthy teaching to the people of God, bring medication – the grace of the Holy Spirit, what will heal the wounds of our people (and under no circumstances to harm by any act or indiscreet word), – bishop Bohdan assured.


As we have informed, from September 2 till 12, 2018 in Lviv the Synod of Bishops takes place. The main theme of the Synod is dedicated to the Word of God and catechization.


The UGCC Department of Information


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